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(actors) joe flanigan - blue

chiasmus in freezer_penguin

Characters: Kintarou, Niou, and Yagyuu mostly.
Summary: Bees!

Kintarou's legs dangled off the end of the bench upon which he was sprawled, kicking the air. His phone lay in the general vicinity of his ear as he waited for the other end of the line to stop ringing. As soon as it had, he said, "Shira'shi, are bees friendly?"

There was the slightest pause, but Kintarou didn't notice as his gaze was drawn to a kite flying overhead. "I suppose it would depend on the type of bee and how colorful you were."

"They're the big kind! My hair's red, will that work?"

"It should, if you're quick enough. They like dances, too."



Kintarou hopped off the bench, armed with this new information. "Thanks, Shira'shi!" He slung the bag with his racket in it over his back, and took off out of the park.

Shiraishi ended the call when there was silence, Kintarou's last words having been seemingly at a further distance than the rest of their call. The others had continued to practice behind him, though now Kenya asked, "So where's Kintarou this time?"

He picked up his racket, but did not yet return his phone to his bag. "Rikkai."

Kenya looked perplexed for a moment, then seemed to decide not to pursue the topic any further. Shiraishi resumed the game he had been playing with Zaizen, who rolled his eyes when Shiraishi's phone rang for a second time, Kintarou's name appearing on screen.

"I found my phone!" Then the line went dead.

He had tracked the bees back to their home after Nationals were over. Getting onto the grounds wasn't that hard -- staying was another matter. There were a few close calls where he had to escape teachers who tried to make him go change into uniform and return to class. He had cheerfully informed them that he wasn't a student there, and asked if they always kept their bees on the tennis courts and where might those be. In response he had received a troubled frown, and was nearly escorted off the premises before he managed to squirm free. They had had a nice game of chase until he won by squeezing between some of the bags in the golf clubhouse.

He wondered how long before the bees could come out to play.

There wasn't much interesting about golf, especially when it wasn't being played, so after poking around the room a bit more he slipped outside and set off in search of the tennis courts. They weren't too hard to find, and he was surprised there weren't more flowers. Then again, maybe they were the type of bees to go elsewhere for that.

It was then the first one appeared.

Kintarou bounded over to the bee who seemed to be talking over his shoulder to someone else still inside the locker rooms. This one had glasses and seemed to look at him from the corner of his eye for a split second before turning to face him, one eyebrow raised. The door closed as Kintarou stood on tip toe to see if the rest of the bees would be coming out soon, but he turned brightly to the one standing before him.

"I'm Kintarou! Do you bumble?"

Kintarou wasn't paying much attention when the bee turned him by the shoulders and started walking him away and back toward the courts. "No, I'm afraid you have me mistaken for someone else."

"Oh, hm. Do you like honey?"

"Not particularly."

Kintarou thought for a moment. "Do you have a jacket?"

There was a pause. Then came the reluctant answer, "I will admit that yes, I do, but n-"

"Ah! So you're that kind. Don't sting me, I'll dance with you."

The bee simply sighed and pushed up his glasses. "It's not me you would have to worry about 'stinging' you."

"Oh-h. Thank you, bee-san!"

"Hey Yagyuu, what's going on?" The second bee had appeared while Kintarou was distracted, one of whom approached his fellow bee and peered at Kintarou over his shoulder. Yagyuu shifted a bit at the proximity, though didn't seem all that bothered.

"We seem to have a visitor, Niou-kun."

"I'm Kintarou," he said looking up at the one with bleached spikes. "Are you the jacket kind too?"

Niou glanced at Yagyuu. "I'm pretty much the same as him, so yeah."

He couldn't quite keep the disappointment out of his tone as he asked, "None of you bumble?"

Niou stepped around Yagyuu to look down at Kintarou, seemingly in contemplation. Then he clapped him on the shoulder and said, "One of us does. He wears a hat. He likes to bumble a lot. Sometimes with other people, if you hug him just right."

"Really?" Kintarou was positively bouncing on his toes in excitement.

"Yeah, the more you take him by surprise the better."

"Niou-kun, I don't think --"

It was then the door opened again, and the rest of the bees started coming out. Kintarou immediately spotted the one Niou had just described, and he was gone cross the courts faster than anyone had quite realized. He threw his arms wide around the large bee as he tackled him in a hug, not quite knocking him backwards into the hairless bee.

"Can I bumble with you now?"

Yagyuu and Niou were charged with occupying Kintarou until Yukimura decided what to do with him. He was chattering away at Niou who, to Yagyuu's amusement, seemed somewhat off-put by the string of seemingly nonsensical questions. This didn't deter Kintarou in the slightest, though he kept looking over hopefully at Sanada every so often and waving. Sanada appeared somewhere between horrified and livid, though his scowls were mostly directed at Niou.

"So are bee dances different from normal ones?"

"Why don't you --"

Yagyuu decided he had derived enough amusement for now and decided to take over answering Kintarou's questions from Niou. "Yes. Usually bees dance for communicative rather than recreational purposes."

"Oh, but you still like the dancing, right?"

"I suppose it isn't too bad."

"What about colors?"

Yagyuu blinked. "Yes?"

"Which one's your favorite?" Kintarou asked, starting to poke at Niou's shirt since he couldn't tell where they were hiding their jackets. Half the time Niou deflected him, the other time he ignored the prodding.

"He likes eggplants," Niou chimed in before Yagyuu could answer.

"I like leopards. What about you, Ni-bee?"

Niou made a face at the nickname, though he faked a thoughtful look before answering. "I like polka dot color."

"Niou-kun, as we discussed before, that isn't a color."

"Sure it is." Niou grinned and patted Kintarou on the head with what for anyone other than this particular boy would have been too much enthusiasm. "Like leopards, right?"


"Oi, Yagyuu." Kirihara jogged over. "Buchou wants you and Niou to escort the kid home."

Yagyuu blinked. "To Osaka?"

Kirihara shrugged, smirked a little too. "Yeah -- he says it'll give you time to tell him everything he ever wanted to know about bees, and that you can make up the practice you miss in the morning."

Yagyuu glanced at Niou and Kintarou who were now having a rather animated conversation about penguins and lasers, from the snatches he caught of it. He pushed up his glasses and sighed. "All right. Let's go Niou-kun, Kintarou-kun."

Kintarou hopped to his feet. "Hat-bee! We'll bumble next time, okay? I'll bring flowers."

Sanada made a very pointed effort in ignoring Kintarou. Yagyuu assumed this was to keep from murdering him, since hiding the body would have been more trouble than it was worth. Rather than push it further, Yagyuu started herding the pair away from the courts, making note he would at least need to go retrieve his wallet.

"So will you tell me about whatever that thing is you do with the birds?"

This was, he feared, going to be a very long trip.


August 2011

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