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freezer_penguin's Journal

Kristoph Niels Ferret
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:|, =d, ^_^, agassi, atobe covered in birds, atoshishi, barmaids, beauty and the beast, being coy, broken glow sticks, busty nuns, buying clothes off nuns, candy mobile, cannibal kitchens, cheese, cookie boy, crayons, d1, dean martin, ducks, eggplant casserole, exfoliating, eyebrow waggle, flippy hair, food in a box, frank sinatra, fred the skeleton, fuji's always with you, fujipie, gangster shishi, germany, ghetto, gold star, grape kool-aid, heffalumps and woozles, hermit crabs, human hands, humphrey bogart, hyoutei movie night, in a manly way, inflatable woozles, lavendar, leopared color, little boys in shorts, look darling he's underage, mermaid incest, moisturizing, mr. booze, nacho picnic, not corn rows, pedo pair, penguins in our freezer, polka dot color, popsicles, priest collars, rastafarian jackal, red flavor, riku, roman brothels, sakaki!leer, sanada covered in hair, school girl uniforms, sheer ruffles, shishi boots, snack packs, summer vacation, talking to the tv, tezubabies, tezuka novel, te~zu~ka~, that's not a bear, that's sanada, the little mermaid, tokyo disney honeymoon, trainer ferrets, twister, wiggle pants, yuuuuta