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(actors) joe flanigan - blue

chiasmus in freezer_penguin

[part 0/?] Hyoutei team bonding + random Te-zu-ka.

~_~ I get the feeling all my crack fic is going to live here.

It started with Atobe.

Once Nationals were over, he took the team to one of the family villas. He also invited select visitors to accompany them. "Select" being one, and "visitors" being Tezuka. No one was more surprised than Tezuka that he was there, when at last, after a long and terse car ride, he was left in front of an expansive mansion. He had asked where he was being taken, and received the reply that the Young Master had made arrangements that he be picked up as soon as class let out, if not sooner. There was no need to question further. Tezuka had settled on staring stonily at the rear view mirror with pursed lips and arms folded across his chest, not saying a word. Having been ordered in advance to "follow orders no matter what he doesn't say to you" the driver was only mildly unnerved by the silent, almost palpable, disapproval the teenager radiated.

Tezuka sighed and shouldered his tennis bag. He started to approach the double doors, when the sound of tennis drew his attention. There wasn't any real desire on his part to even be there, much less go inside, so he followed his instincts and went toward what he presumed to be the courts.

Ohtori, Shishido, Mukahi, and Hiyoshi were playing a doubles match, though not in the usual order of things. Shishido and Mukahi were on one side of the court, Ohtori and Hiyoshi on the other. It seemed he arrived in the middle of the match, or more precisely, the beginning of an argument during the match. Shishido was glaring at Mukahi, who glared back with hands on his hips. Ohtori stood on the other side of the net, as though undecided about whether he should intervene or not. Hiyoshi scowled at them all, bouncing a tennis ball against the ground.

"That was your shot, Shishido."

"It was not, brat. With the way you were jumping all over the place you should've been able to get it."

"I don't see how Ohtori puts up with playing with you everyday."

"Hah!" Shishido scoffed. "I'm not half as bad as you. I don't see how Oshitari stands being around you everyday."

Mukahi shot him a flippant grin. "Flexibility is more than just about tennis. I'm quite good at --"

Ohtori chose that moment to look up, and coincidentally in his direction. "Is that Tezuka-san?"

Hiyoshi looked up, stilling the ball on his racket abruptly. Mukahi glanced in his direction as well. Shishido didn't bother, and gave Ohtori an odd look. "Choutarou, that's got to be one of the weirdest things -- ow!"

Mukahi had punched him in the arm. "You could look before you speak, dumbass."

Tezuka decided he might as well come closer now that he had been seen. He approached the chain link fence that surrounded the admittedly impressive courts, stopping without entering. Ohtori joined him on the other side, followed by Mukahi and more reluctantly Shishido who was grumbling something about how someone so scrawny shouldn't be able to hit that hard. Hiyoshi watched from a distance with narrowed eyes, and Tezuka couldn't really blame him.

Ohtori looked at him in confusion. "Tezuka-san, we weren't expecting you to be here."

"Nor was I," he said dryly.

Shishido frowned. "Then why are you here?"

"I invited him." Atobe chose that moment to make his entrance accompanied by Oshitari, Kabaji - and by proxy Akutagawa - and one other player Tezuka couldn't name. He went straight to Tezuka as the others lingered a few yards behind.

"'Invite' is stretching the definition of the word." Tezuka frowned. "I was forced into a car, then here I am."

"In some places they call that kidnapping," Mukahi provided helpfully.

Shishido rolled his eyes. "I think in all places they call that kidnapping."

Atobe brushed both comments aside as he stood in front of Tezuka. He lifted his chin and brushed a few strands of his hair back. "Anyway, now that you're here you might as well make the most of it. The shuttle bus won't be picking us up for a week."

Tezuka could almost feel his eyebrow twitch, though he didn't let that show. "I will make my own arrangements, then."

"I didn't think you would run away this soon, Tezuka."

There was a challenge in the other's tone that Tezuka couldn't ignore. He knew it was childish, though he said it anyway, trying his best to keep his voice even and flat, "I am not running away."

Atobe smirked, and Tezuka knew the other had picked up on his weak point. He continued in similar vein. "That's what it looks like to me. Think you can't handle a week at Hyoutei?"

"We're not at Hyoutei," Mukahi pointed out.

Atobe looked down at Mukahi with annoyance. "We're always Hyoutei."

"That doesn't even make sense."

Atobe huffed, arms folded across his chest. "Oshitari. Haginosuke."

The player Tezuka hadn't been able to place earlier called out, "C'mon, Gakuto, let's go eat."

The match was officially over. Mukahi swung the gate to the tennis court open and went to Oshitari at once, gesturing emphatically at Shishido every so often as the other herded him back towards the house. Kabaji helped. Shishido and Ohtori began collecting the balls they had used, and Hiyoshi stalked off to play against the wall.

That left Tezuka mostly alone with Atobe. "Well?"

"Fine." Tezuka knew he would regret it later, but it wasn't in him to back down. "One week, and someone brings me extra clothes."

"We're not all that different in size, you can borrow some of mine." Atobe's grin held an edge Tezuka distinctly did not like. "They won't look as good as they do on me, but you'll be passable."

"No. My own or nothing."

"I never knew you were an exhibitionist, Tezuka."

Tezuka could already feel the headache setting in. "You know what I mean."

Atobe gave a long-suffering sigh. "Fine. Tomorrow I'll have someone take you to the nearest city where you can buy a few things." He looked Tezuka over critically. "In fact, I'll go with you."

"No thanks."

Atobe turned on his heel, doing a perfect one eighty. Tezuka wondered if he practiced making a constant display of himself or if it just came naturally to him. "It wasn't an offer." And with that he walked off.

Tezuka heard snickering behind him. He turned toward Shishido, one eyebrow raised. Ohtori elbowed his doubles partner with a whispered Shishido-san. The other coughed to try to mask the fact he was laughing and said, "Man, I feel sorry for you."

"You're coming too, Shishido." Atobe called out, almost but not quite out of earshot. "We've had this conversation before, and raiding your brother's closet does not count as getting new clothes."

"What! Hey!" Shishido grimaced. "Don't drag me into this, there's no way in hell I'm going shopping with you after that one time!"

Atobe ignored him. Ohtori patted him on the shoulder and offered to go along as well. Shishido looked as though he were going to tear off in the opposite direction, and Tezuka was tempted to do the same. Instead he sighed, trying to remember which aspirin Oishi had told him worked best.

Er, if you notice anything that needs fixing point it out to me. o__o


I have no idea what's going on here, but I like it! Yes I do. xDDD
8DD Did I manage to keep Atobe from reminding you of you this time? (...that's such a weird question.)

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